Who we are

Marigold Signature Nigeria Limited is a one stop corporate events and promotional merchandise company. Marigold Signature Nigeria Limited was established 1st February 2005.

It was borne out of a quest to provide first in class solutions to the myriad of challenges in the event management services and promotional merchandise industry. We have made it our mission to address issues such as cost and delivery mismatch, timeliness, quality service and delivery, and professional ethics.

Marigold Signature recognizes the necessity of true customer service and satisfaction. That’s why we value listening to our clients, sharing their values, understanding their needs and aspirations. This equips us with the ability to create a truly client specific experience that keeps our clients coming back.

At Marigold Signature we go beyond the call of duty to ensure client satisfaction.


Mission Statement

To consistently deliver maximum value to our clients by providing them with bespoke, customer focused solutions and a flawless delivery of all our services.


Vision Statement

To become the industry leader in the provision of cutting-edge corporate event management services and promotional merchandise.

Event Management


Not all events are created alike. What makes an event stand out is the thought behind the theme. At Marigold Signature, we have the creative prowess to conceptualize diverse themes and design inspiring visual graphics to give your event the wow effect you desire. Based on a precise understanding of your requirements, our event management team brainstorms concepts that are most relevant, creative and innovative. Next, we bring these concepts to life through graphic design. All in all, our focus is to ensure that your event design and collateral looks great and evokes a magnificent reception.


At Marigold Signature, our team will work with you to
  • Develop a vision for your event
  • Put your team together
  • Create an event budget
  • Choose your venue and date
  • Identify and engage event partners and sponsors
  • Develop your event branding
  • Develop and deploy your event marketing campaign
  • Identify, hire and work with other vendors
  • Go over final preparations


We provide high quality logistic solutions for major events. Our event logistics team are involved in all stages of the event lifecycle providing more than just detailed material planning but also the procurement, storage, distribution, tracking, management, retrofit and disposal of all materials and assets required for the entire event platform. From operational planning through to delivery management, our event logistics team have been involved in some of the most complex major event venue logistics planning and operations to date. Our focus is in ensuring the logistics function meets your requirements, delivering high quality supply chain outcomes within major event security parameters.


Our events coordination team are specially trained and briefed to ensure we deliver a smooth and expertly coordinated event. We develop an event workflow that enables us cover all the likely scenarios and adequately plan the management of individual event components to ensure the event goes smoothly. We supervise support staff


At Marigold Signature, we are very deliberate on the flawless execution of client events. We ensure all eventualities are covered and accounted for. We are equipped to direct and execute event plans to client specification.


At Marigold Signature, we document your events by producing a post-event report that evaluates the event and give recommendations on what to continue or discontinue. The report also serves as a reminder to higher-ups about why they should continue to invest in the event. Follow-up, evaluation and assessment are key indicators that helps determine the success of events and a post-event report is evidence of that fact.


Conceptualization and Design

At Marigold Signature, we are experts at inventing and formulating ideas and concepts that meets your corporate gift items needs. We work with your team to design unique and first in class gift items that represents the best values of your organisation.


Our partner-factories are fitted to deliver large volumes of customized merchandise. We deliver to client specification. At Marigold Signature, our team of dedicated staff work with our client to design bespoke corporate gift items that represent their brand aspiration. We spare no cost to ensure the quality of our corporate gifts items are compared to none. All items on our ecommerce portal are available in wholesale. Whilst not compromising on quality, we pride ourselves in delivering within the agreed time with our clients.


At Marigold Signature, we handle your end to end merchandising logistics. We deliver from factory floor to your doorstep and in-between. We also provide 3rd party logistics support for merchandise purchase on our eCommerce portal.


We specialize in merchandise delivery value chain.